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William 'Refrigerator' Perry may lose his SC home

William "The Refrigerator” Perry was a household name when he was a star with the Chicago Bears. These days, he's mainly confined to his late father's home.

"You want to go back,“ he said. “Go back to your home and just relax." But, he says, he can't.

The last place he called home in Aiken, South Carolina, is in a state of eroding disrepair.

Willie Perry, William's older brother, keeps tabs on the place they say has been burglarized and vandalized. “They've kicked the door in so many times it's not funny," Willie Perry said.

A legal fight may be with William Perry's younger brother, Michael Dean Perry, who played with the Cleveland Browns.

Michael Dean Perry is William's assigned Guardian and Conservator for his affairs. He would not talk on camera, but said over the phone that this was "a family matter."

"The Fridge" says he isn't giving Michael high marks in efficiency. "He's doing a so-so job and everything as far getting things done," William Perry told WBTV.

Michael Dean Perry did acknowledge that the Aiken County tax collectors office sent out a letter saying that his older brother owes more than $26,000 in back taxes, and says the court will not allow him to save this home.

Willie Perry sees it as family frustration.

"I wouldn't say a lot of confusion,” Willie Perry said, ”Probably more of a lot of disappointment."

WBTV found a notice of sale from the tax office in the front yard.

Despite these obstacles, William Perry is hopeful for a positive outcome.

"I don't expect anything negative out of the situation," he said, "You expect everything will come together workout, and move on."

Michael Dean Perry, who lives in Charlotte, said William signed the home over to his estranged wife, which is another reason that he can't legally pay the taxes on the home.

The deadline is quickly approaching, and the $26,000 bill has to be paid by 5 p.m. on November 5.