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Gastonia woman falls asleep smoking, wakes up to porch on fire

A woman living in a Gastonia house says a fire broke out overnight after she was smoking in bed and caught a blanket on fire.

The Gastonia woman says she woke up around 1:30 a.m., after she thought she extinguished any potential flames, to glass windows popping.

She said she was in the bed smoking and when she woke up, her blanket was 'smoldering'. She took it outside, poured water on it, and left it on the front porch. She says the blanket must have sparked back up and that's when she woke up to cracking glass and flames. When she first heard the glass breaking, she said she thought someone was trying to break in. She ran to the back porch, saw the flames, and that's when she called police.

The woman said the house on Hilltop Circle belonged to her sister, but she lived there alone. She is staying with her sister until the home is repaired. The fire destroyed the front porch of the single story home and some of the ceiling in the front. Officials say there is significant damage from fire, smoke and water.

No injuries were reported.