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Ghost story contest winner: Essay, age 15 and younger

Our winner for the 15 & Under Ghost Story is "Look but don't touch!" by Roderic.

Judges remarks: "Our young author showed imagination in writing a short story that went beyond the usual Halloween themes. His story was in good taste and demonstrated how creativity, descriptive language and a fun ending can draw in the reader."

Here is the story, which has had minor edits for grammar and clarity:

In the country of Prombla, there was a city named Adialoe. This wasn’t your average city. It got bombed and now it is in ruins. One day, some Egyptian archaeologists were going to Adialoe to observe the ruins. There were thirty-five archaeologists.

When the archaeologists arrived, there split into five groups of seven. One group stumbled upon a pyramid. They entered the pyramid. One of the archaeologist stumbled upon trap and a boulder came rolling after them. There were running away from the boulder when out of nowhere, spikes shot out of the floor, walls and ceiling.

They were running from the boulder and dodging spike for about five minutes when suddenly they realized the boulder had gotten stuck and the spikes had stopped. Then there was a coffin right in front of them. It had a sign that said, “Look but don’t touch”. They went to observe it, but one of them decided to touch the coffin and a ghost popped out. The ghost said, “I am Queen Nariza, Queen of Adialoe. Why do you summon me?”

The archaeologist just froze in terror. Then the Queen yelled “BE GONEALL OF YOU!!!”

Without hesitating, the archeologists bailed out of the room, terrified. When they reached outside, the others were there and they told them what had happened. They did not believe the archaeologist that just came running from the pyramid. Those five archaeologists had nightmares for the rest of their lives. And now really understand what look but don’t touch means.

(All winners should contact The Herald to claim their prize.)