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We'll show your our tricks and give you treats

Ghosts invaded the Observer offices at 600 S. Tryon Street this week. We managed to get rid of them with the help of the Ghostbusters who searched for clues throughout the building. Observer employees celebrated with a Ghostbuster-themed party and a pumpkin carving contest, and now we need your help in judging our contest.

Please vote in the comments below on the best pumpkin carving by Observer staff members from all departments, including finance, marketing, human resources, audience development, news and advertising. We will put the names of everyone who votes between now and Monday at 8 a.m. into a drawing for some great prizes, including smartphone covers with Panthers logos and TCBY gift cards. We hope you enjoy the video clips from the party, too.

Vote for No. 1 -- Jack-O-Ghost?

Vote for No. 2 -- Carved Slimer

Vote for No. 3 -- The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

Vote for No. 4 -- Slimer with lights

Vote for No. 5 -- Orange M&M

Vote for No. 6 -- Vampumpkin

Vote for No. 7 -- Window seat

Vote for No. 8 -- Slimer on the loose

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