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Clover to launch art gallery

Town leaders are planning to create an art gallery at the Clover Community Center.

Angie Clinton, a local volunteer, approached the Clover Town Council with the suggestion several months ago. Since then, Clinton has met with Clover recreation director Greg Holmes to discuss the idea.

Town Council members approved the idea in October, and Holmes and Clinton have been planning an opening.

Holmes said an open house has been planned at 5 p.m. Jan. 16. He said the town plans to apply for a grant from the Arts Council of York County to purchase mounting walls and shelves that will be used to display two- and three-dimensional art.

“I think it’s great for the community, for parks and rec,” Holmes said. “It’s something we currently don’t have.”

Clinton, a retired city of Rock Hill employee who handled the art displayed at the Rock Hill City Hall Rotunda, has volunteered to schedule the art displays in Clover.

She said the community center on Bethel Street would be a nice venue for art.

“The community has done so much for athletics and fields and music and the band, and we have so many artists in the area,” said Clinton, who lives outside York. “The two murals in Clover are indicative of that.”

Clinton said the community center building, which houses recreation department offices and hosts Town Council meetings and other special events, has enough traffic that it would be a good place to show art.

“Every time I went in there, I wanted to cry, it needed something,” Clinton said. “It was just too barren. And it’s not like you have to build it. It’s there.”

Clinton and Holmes met with Debra Heintz, executive director of the Arts Council of York County, and said they discussed applying for one of the council’s small grants.

Clinton said the grant money would cover cube vases to house items like pottery and perhaps a free-standing wall.

Clinton also said the gallery could have a children’s section. She suggested the possibility of a wall mural, painted by volunteers, that shows a bare tree with outstretched limbs where the children’s art could be displayed.

Clinton said exhibits by local artists or groups could rotate monthly, with 15 to 20 pieces for each monthly exhibit.

Clinton said she has a passion for the idea and believes the town would get a lot of interest from people who want to display their art.

“We have some good feelers out,” Clinton said. “Like anything else, you have to do it and then see if they come.”