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New Lake Wylie traffic light operation waiting on weather

Lighting the traffic signal on Charlotte Highway near Buster Boyd Bridge at Blucher Circle is waiting on the weather.

“We would like to see it running as soon as possible,” said Brian Rollar with York Development Group. “Hopefully, Mother Nature feels the same way.”

Danny Carns, traffic engineer with the South Carolina Department of Transportation, said there’s a little work left to do for the developer’s contractors.

“The signal itself is ready to go, electrically, but the permanent markings and whatever pavement they still have to do, needs to be finished,” he said.

What’s left should only take two or three days, Rollar said, plus however long the state department takes testing and setting the signal. The problem is weather. The striping won’t adhere properly unless temperatures stay above 40 degrees for about three days.

“We’re just waiting for the weather to cooperate so we can put the thermo-striping down,” Rollar said. “That’s when SCDOT can come down and do the inspections.”

York Development paid for the signal to serve the Lakeside West shopping center.

Rollar expects other projects are facing similar weather issues, which could mean a line for SCDOT inspections.

“We’re basically at the mercy of when the inspectors are able to come out and look at it,” he said.