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Charlotte Uber drivers angry over lower rates

Uber customers are welcoming lower ride rates with open arms, but the company's drivers say they are starting to feel the pinch.

The ride-sharing company has continued to lower prices for the past year, which has been difficult for drivers like Chris Barker, who say his once solid source of income has been slashed in half.

"Now, I have to double my hours to make what I was making before the cuts," Barker said.

This past weekend UberX cut their rates again, making a trip 40% cheaper than before. Prior to the promotion Uber's base rate was $2.00, plus $1.25 per mile and $0.20 per minute.

Now, drivers can score a ride for a $1.00 base rate, plus $0.75 per mile and $0.16 per minute.

Driver John Squillacioti says he's seen this play out before.

"They said it was only supposed to be a temporary cut, and it's never gone back up since then," Squillacioti said.

WBTV contacted Uber about the conflict. Spokesman Taylor Bennett says the cuts are good for business.

"What we've seen when you lower fares is it actually increases their number of trips. And it increases the demand for riders, and in turn it increases earnings for drivers," Bennett said.

These drivers don't buy it.

"I've never really seen much large jump in ridership at all," Squillacioti said.

Bennett says Uber is offering a guarantee that drivers will take in the same amount of income, but drivers say the requirements of those guarantees are difficult to meet.

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