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Baby dies at Fort Mill birthing center

The York County Coroner's Office confirmed to WBTV that a baby died during a delivery at the Carolina Community Maternity Center Tuesday morning.

The coroner could not release any details about the circumstances surrounding the death, but did say they were investigating.

The Fort Mill birthing center is no stranger to this situation. In the past two years they have seen three births go wrong.

In September of 2013 they received an emergency suspension order from the Department of Health and Environmental Control for what DHEC called "various violations of the law".

In South Carolina, the law requires birthing centers to have "A physician on call and available to provide medical assistance at the birthing center at all times that it is serving the public."

Soon after the closure, people rallied together in support of the facility and in February of 2014, the order was lifted after the center submitted a plan of correction, along with a department inspection.

But nearly a year later, the center is left answering questions again. WBTV called and visited Carolina Community Maternity Center and were repeatedly told they had no comment on the situation.