Game review: 'Kirby Star Allies,' friendship is magic

There are fewer games that are more wholesome and fun than the Kirby series. His side-scrolling adventures always prove to be bright and colorful, while also holding up as exquisite platformers. "Kirby Star Allies" doesn't reinvent this wheel in any significant way, but it does address the question of "Wouldn't this be more fun with friends?"


Hilary Swank had 'Trust' in returning to work

Hilary Swank apologizes for being late for the interview as she and the publicist for the FX series "Trust" took a wrong turn down a hotel corridor. It's an understandable mistake, especially when you factor in that it has been a few years since the Oscar-winning actress has been part of any kind of promotional press for a project.

First look: Unknown Brewing

Unknown Brewing unveils its half-million dollar makeover.
Kathleen Purvis