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Living with Children: It’s not rocket science

Talking today's mother through her first experience with toilet training is akin to talking someone off a ledge. Both situations involve massive anxiety, high drama and lots of yelling and screaming. Now, I am obliged to point out that whereas talking someone off a ledge has always involved drama, that did not describe toilet training until a pediatrician named T. Berry Brazelton convinced himself that this relatively simple process was fraught with the potential for psychological apocalypse. During his medical school days, Brazelton had come to believe that Sigmund Freud, the so-called "father" of modern psychology, was a genius when in fact he was mostly just deluded. Freud had made a big deal of toilet training, so Brazelton followed suit.

Food & Drink

Get hooked on roasting a whole fish

A couple of months ago, my husband brought home a whole Chesapeake rockfish (aka striped bass) that had been on sale at Whole Foods Market. I unwrapped it and eyed it skeptically; it eyed me back, as if daring me to do it culinary justice.

Food & Drink

Succotash like your grandma never knew it

Succotash may be a Southern favorite and be named after the word “msickquatash” of the Narragansett in New England, but this dish, most famously made with corn and lima beans, has deep roots in the Midwest. You can taste that story at various restaurants around Chicago where chefs are adding seasonal, Midwest touches to their succotash.

Food & Drink

How to get clever with croutons

Croutons are smile inducers. Set a plain dinner salad in front of someone, and they might thank you for making sure they get their daily intake of veggies. Give ‘em a salad with croutons, and they’ll start finger-picking the cubes out of the bowl right quick.

Food & Drink

Give DIY (distill-it-yourself) vermouth a try

When I travel, I am inclined to collect foodstuffs. I scour grocery stores looking for snacks and candy, and gather honeys and mustards from markets. A few years ago I hauled a gallon of olive oil back from Italy. These souvenirs inspire me on post-vacation days, keeping the glow going.

Take a walk through the new presidential suite at the Ritz-Carlton Charlotte.

Kathleen Purvis and the Ritz-Carlton's Jessica Swannie take a walk through the suite: Four flat-screen TVs, a dining room and kitchen, private exercise room and, oooh, a soaking tub.