Editorial: The Catholic church is in crisis, and its leaders are making it worse

If any truth emerged from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops meeting this week in Baltimore, it was surely Archbishop William E. Lori's observation that the priest sex abuse scandal " is going to be with us for a long, long time." The church covered up the widespread abuse of children and adults by priests for a long, long time. It denied and deflected public outrage for a long, long time. And now, when a Pennsylvania grand jury report revealed the breadth of the abuse, and the fall of former Washington Archbishop Theodore McCarrick demonstrated that it extended to the top rungs of the Catholic hierarchy, the church is waiting longer to take even the most obvious of steps to restore its parishioners' faith.

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This fried rice recipe is a lifesaving one-pot meal and better than takeout

The curse of the takeout box of rice: If you’re anything like me, you know it well. Shoved toward the back of your refrigerator – “Oh, I’ll use it later!” you promise yourself – it languishes, unused, unloved, its red pagoda and admonition of “ENJOY” glaring at you like some scarlet letter. Then, weeks pass until you unearth it, long after its useful life is up.

Temple Israel remembers Kristallnacht, The Night of Broken Glass

People gathered Wednesday at Temple Israel for an 80th Anniversary Commemoration of Kristallnacht, "The Night of Broken Glass."