Food & Drink

Spicy, smoky, cheesy, melty burgers — on the inside

Hidden inside these tame-looking burgers is a smoky and spicy blend of bacon, chipotle, cheese and something unexpected – pepperoni. Because the ground beef part of these burgers is patted fairly thin, there’s less of a chance you’ll undercook it. For a little extra texture and flavor, crispy fried onions go into the beef.

Food & Drink

No courses, no assigned seats, no-hassle dinner party

I don’t like dinner parties. Maybe this is an inconsequential admission for some, but the dinner party is high currency in the circles I run in as a food writer, academic and chef’s wife. In Washington, dinner parties are a big deal, where a group of the host’s friends or colleagues sit around a prettily laid table and are expected to sustain interesting conversation across the span of several courses.

Health & Family

Living with Children: In the family dynamics, it's all about the parents

A column of mine that originally appeared in January of 2017 has been circulating on the internet ever since, accumulating over a million hits to date. In a nutshell, its message is simply that parents, not children, are the most important people in a family and the husband-wife relationship should greatly "trump" that between either parent and the kids. In other words, mom and dad are secondary roles. Spouse should rule, in both directions.

Health & Family

Ex-etiquette: Mistaken identity

Q: My bonusdaughter and I were out shopping recently and a woman standing in line with us mistook me for her mother. This happens quite a lot and I'm never sure what to say. Should I correct them? What's good ex-etiquette?

Health & Family

Social Security: How the work rules work for you

Retirement doesn't have the same meaning for everyone. Some people plan to retire and never work again. Some people plan for second careers in occupations that wouldn't have adequately supported their families, but they do the work for pure enjoyment. Some people, whether by design or desire, choose to work part-time or seasonally to supplement their retirement income.

Ramadan is like a training camp for the soul

After 29 days of fasting and reflection, Muslims across the globe are celebrating the end of Ramadan.