Mike and Andrea Beigay

Andrea, 27, met Mike, 30, long before they started dating: He was her brother's roommate at UNC Charlotte.

The shy guy: We were both seeing other people when Mike and I first met. He thought I was a stuck-up sorority chick, and I thought he was painfully shy. That all changed in the summer of 2000.

The birthday: That summer, I had recently broken up with my boyfriend, and Mike wasn't seeing anyone. A group of us – including Mike, my brother and me – went uptown to celebrate a friend's birthday. By the end of the night, Mike was hooked. He started calling the next day, and by the next week we were spending all our time together.

The kinks: For several weeks Mike and I kept our relationship under wraps, because we were afraid of my brother's reaction. When he found out, he was none too happy – mainly because he didn't want to stress either his relationship with me or Mike. Eventually, all the kinks were worked out. Mike proposed in December 2001, and we've been happily married since November 2002. Kathy Haight