Chris and Crystal Rowe

Chris and Crystal, both 26, live in Charlotte now but met at Clemson University in 2001. Shyness caused their relationship to develop slowly.

Tigerama: I met Chris during our sophomore year at Clemson, when my sorority was paired with his fraternity to put on a skit for Tigerama – a huge student pep rally during Homecoming. He had noticed me during skit practices but was too shy to talk. I had noticed him too.

The nerve: Finally Chris got up the nerve to talk to me at a party his fraternity held after practice. He says, “I thought she had a great smile and seemed to light up the room when she walked in. After I got to know her, I realized she had a huge heart.” Chris was tall and quiet and seemed like a really genuine guy. I thought he had the most beautiful blue eyes.

The dance: It took Chris a while to get up the nerve to ask me out. A fraternity brother finally convinced him to invite me to his semi-formal dance. It was in Asheville. Although we barely knew each other, the car ride was filled with talking and laughter. We had such a great time, I asked him to my semi-formal a few weeks later.

Las Vegas: I could talk to Chris about anything. We loved spending time together – even if it was just studying for exams at the library. We got married in Las Vegas in December 2007. He's been my best friend for more than six years and has been with me through so much. I can't wait to see what else is in store for us.

Kathy Haight