Brian and Julie Hatley

Julie, 40, met Brian, 38, on a blind date after both had given up on finding love again.

The set-up: We met through a setup by mutual friends. Brian was not in a relationship, and I was separated after a 12-year marriage. Both of us had kids. We spent an evening with our friends talking and getting to know one another. The next morning, Brian invited me to his house.

The farmhouse: He lived in an old farmhouse that had been in his family for generations. We went on our first date that night and were together every chance we got after that. My kids, who were teenagers, really loved him. So did the rest of my family. His family loved me too.

The apartment: I lived in Concord, and Brian lived in Mount Pleasant. A few months after we met, my kids and I decided to make a fresh start and moved to Mount Pleasant. We lived in an apartment for a few years, and that's when Brian and I realized we were in love. We had been so cynical when we first met that we'd practically given up on ever being happy in love.

The sweet life: We were married in May of this year at a beautiful bed-and-breakfast in Asheville. I didn't have much of a wedding in my first marriage, and this was Brian's first. So we made our wedding everything we had ever envisioned. Now we live in that old farmhouse that we've decorated together. Life just doesn't get any sweeter.

Kathy Haight