Kelli and Eric Christian

Eric, 31, met Kelli, 24, at 2 a.m. at a hospital on a cold February morning in 2007.

The nurse: I had a traveling job with an electronics company and was working in Ashland, Ky. I got sick with a bacterial infection and ended up in the hospital at 2 in the morning. A beautiful blonde was my nurse. I did my best to flirt with her all night. When she said she was writing my discharge papers the next morning, I said, “Oh. I thought you were writing your number down.” After a smile I will never forget, she answered, “You didn't ask for it.” I told her I thought I just did.

The pizza: We talked several times over the next week. The night before I left, I asked her out to dinner. She'd been moving that day and declined, but did invite me over to her new apartment for pizza. Not much of a real first date, but it was my only chance to see her before leaving town. Once I was there, we clicked. We stayed up the whole night talking like we had known one another forever.

The trip: When I moved on to another state, we kept in touch. Without realizing it, we both had the same week off for vacation and decided to take it together. August 12, 2007, was a nerve-racking day. She was on her way to my house in West Virginia, and we hadn't seen each other in six months. Once she arrived, all nervousness faded. We had a great trip to Myrtle Beach. When I went back to work, I couldn't think of anything but her.

Jamaica: I went to see her every chance I could. Eventually I changed jobs to get off the road, so we could spend more time together. We moved to Charlotte, where I asked her to marry me in July. She said yes. The wedding was last month in Jamaica.

Kathy Haight