Atticus: Portrait of a Charlotte snuggle bug

Atticus joined the Jenkins family, of Charlotte, about a year ago. They also have a Husky named Juno. The photo shows him in a party hat at his first birthday party this past month. Owner Nicole, who tells his story, says Atticus disproves misconceptions about the Rottweiler breed with his laid-back attitude.

Fresh start: Atticus came into our lives as a bounding, nubby, 8-week old puppy. Our previous Rottweiler, Gambit, sadly passed away from cancer at age 11 a few months prior. I love the breed, they’re very intelligent and loyal. There is no balm for the soul like puppy kisses.

Lovely disposition: Atticus never meets a stranger and his ebullient personality and general sweetness make him a crowd-favorite at the dog park. He loves to play soccer and to go to obedience class at Charlotte Dog Training Club. He’s also a great fan of chasing balls.

Future aspirations: He’s great around other dogs and very friendly with people. One day, Atticus hopes he can be an official obedience competitor and therapy dog like his favorite literary character, Carl the Rottweiler from the “Good Dog, Carl” books.

Picture perfect: Atticus loves to be petted and is a wonderful snuggle bug. He is a stunning ambassador for the breed and just plain fun to share life with. Hilary Trenda


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