Pilgrim keeps her owner active

Pilgrim joined owner Deanna Lynn Campbell of Madison Park when she was just 6 weeks old. The photo shows Pilgrim chasing water in the backyard, one of her favorite activities. Pilgrim, now 2, loves children and her toys. Deanna tells her story.

Good fit: I went to see a litter of puppies on a farm outside Charlotte and spent about an hour there, letting them jump on me. She was the one I decided to get because of her personality; she was so vibrant and curious. The collie I had before was aloof and didn’t really care about people. With Pilgrim, everyone she sees, she loves.

You remind me of: I love Border Collies and the majority of them are black and white – it just looks like they’ve got a pilgrim suit on. They gather things and pile them up. Pilgrim loves to do that with her toys. It reminded me of gathering food for Thanksgiving, so I went with the name Pilgrim instead of Sweet Pea.

Morning ritual: Every morning, Pilgrim jumps on the bed, jumps right on me, and looks at me like “Come on, it’s time to go.” We go on a 3- mile walk on the track near our house. I stop along the way to chuck a tennis ball because she needs to run. I knew from having a Border Collie before they can run all day and you really have to work them. So we spend about two hours a day exercising, and she exercises me, which is kind of cool.

Sustainable joy: Pilgrim loves to play with anything and she’s very good at playing by herself. I’ve looked out the window and seen her with a ball or Frisbee. She throws it in the air and chases it – she’s just the essence of joy, and she’s a very happy dog. Pilgrim also loves to chase water. She doesn’t understand why she can’t hold on to it. She dances in the water stream like a boxer and, consequently, we have to buy a lot of sprinklers. Hilary Trenda


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