Bucky the cat got better, then friendly

Bucky was abandoned on a dead-end street in Lake Wylie, S.C. about six years ago. Starving and sick, he holed up under the front porch of Wendy and Robert Reed’s nearby home. It took some coaxing but he finally responded to their help. Bucky is now one of six cats in the Reed household and Wendy tells his story.

Rough shape: When I saw Bucking hiding under our porch, it was obvious he wasn’t well. His head looked too large for his starving body and his fur was dried out. I tried for days to get him to come out, but it was only when he saw me petting one of our other cats that he finally took the chance.

Mr. Personality: When I was finally able to pet Bucky, he was like a different cat. He seemed so happy to have a friend, he started “talking” like crazy and hopped right up into my arms. We fed him and took him to the vet, it turned out he had a severe case of internal parasites and needed different medications for several months. But soon he put on weight and regained a glossy coat.

Social scene: Bucky’s nickname is CatDog, because he acts like a dog in that he’ll follow you around. Even when my husband is using a chainsaw in the yard or something equally loud, Bucky sits right there by him. Once in the vet waiting room, I let him out of his carrier and he climbed right into the lap of the woman sitting next to me. She said she never met such a friendly cat.

Where you lay your head: We had intended to find Bucky a good home after he was in good health, and I guess we did, because we loved him too much to give him to anyone else. He’s still a talker and is our official “greeter” cat: when I get home from work he jumps in my lap the instant I sit down. Hilary Trenda


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