Moustache markings endear Madison Park kitten

Heather Rae Thompson said she’s always been the type to try and save kittens when she sees strays, but can never catch them. Charlie, however, ran right into her arms. The kitten – named for Charlie Chaplin, thanks to his moustache-markings – lives with his ragdoll cat sibling, Dignan, in Madison Park. Thompson tells their story.

That moustachio-ed man: I was working a late night on a shoot for the TV show “Banshee” in Mooresville last September. I was heading from the set back to our base location in a production van when I heard a kitten meowing while I was at a stop light. I got out to find it and Charlie ran right to me and jumped into my arms. He was a tiny cat with a big character and I knew I had to keep him. The vet I took Charlie to told me her name was Oona, the same as Chaplin’s granddaughter, so I took it as a sign he had a fitting title.

Playtime anytime: Charlie is 100-percent street cat, he’s wild. Anything that moves is a toy. If Dignan moves in his sleep, Charlie runs and attacks like he’s a big, fuzzy toy. The pull strings on window blinds are his favorite things to go for.

The flip side: When Charlie isn’t running off the walls, he’s sleeping and limp as a ragdoll, his personality is polar opposites. He’s only nine or 10 months old, so it may be just be the kitten in him. But Charlie has such a sweet disposition, within 90 seconds of picking him up to hold him, he’ll be fully asleep.

Keeping it classy: I have several videos of Charlie watching actual Charlie Chaplin movies, I think he likes all the good music and slapstick humor. He’ll only watch TV if it’s Charlie Chaplin or “Downton Abbey.” He’s very refined in his taste . Hilary Trenda


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