Gastonia’s one-eyed wonder dog

Brad-Pit was a broken puppy when the Davis Family found him two years ago, but now they call him an ambassador for the pit bull breed. His family said that much like his celebrity namesake, Brad-Pit is handsome, personable and loves kids. He also enjoys playing with his siblings – six dogs and one cat – at their Gastonia home. Anne tells his story.

Bad shape: My daughter found Brad-Pit wandering in a parking lot with major head trauma. The vet I work with said his injuries weren’t consistent with having been hit by a car, it was likely he’d been hit in the head with a baseball bat. Eventually one of his eyes had to be removed, but Brad-Pit never let that bother him; he’s always been so goofy and happy.

The high life: He couldn’t care less about a Frisbee or ball, but Brad-Pit loves chasing and jumping for bubbles. We can’t even say the word, we have to spell it, because if he hears it he wants to play. Brad-Pit can jump nearly seven feet in the air and does remarkable twists and flips. Then he plops into his kiddie pool, has a drink and bubbles at the mouth. He’s just a big slobber-puss.

Star treatment: We were watching an awards show on TV one night when actor Brad Pitt won a category. Our pup looked up at the sound of his name and went and sat in front of the set. We tell him he’s a movie star dog and have considered contacting AMC to get him a zombie role in “The Walking Dead.”

Turning heads: Brad-Pit has never met a stranger, he’s always wagging his tail and giving big slobber-licks. The breed has such a bad rap, but he’s proof they’re the friendliest, happiest dogs for a loving home. We hate that someone hit him, but are thankful he wandered into our lives. Hilary Trenda


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