Baxter, a Siamese Maine Coon mix

Baxter, a Siamese Maine Coon mix, was just a kitten when Teresa Kirschmann of Charlotte adopted him from an east coast Siamese rescue. She found him through, the same site she used the previous year to adopt Boo. Now, five years later, Baxter has channeled his inner puppy and loves a fast ride. Teresa tells his story.

Identity crisis: While Boo is shy and more the aloof female, Baxter is Mr. Personality. Siamese are very intelligent, loyal and they “talk” more than other cats. But Baxter actually behaves more like a dog: He follows me around all day, fetches and regularly sits up to earn his treats.

Mr. Postman: I started carrying Baxter to the mailbox when he was still a kitten. In that same canine vein, now I say “let’s get the mail” and he’ll come running. I carry him out and our full-time mailman – who said he’s never carried cat treats in his truck before – always gives Baxter a little something.

Need for speed: While most cats usually like to get in laundry baskets, for Baxter, they’re his race car. One day he hopped in while my god children were over, and they began pushing him around the room. I expected that he’d jump out but now it’s become a regular thing. We have a big media room and you can push him around it in circles till you’re worn out. Then he looks at you as if to say “Why did we stop?”

Enjoy the ride: Baxter’s second favorite game is his pop-up cube. He loves to get in, have it pushed around and then swung up in the air like a carnival ride. He and Boo compliment each other so well we’re thinking about using the Siamese rescue site to adopt a third. Hilary Trenda


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