Rescued from a Puerto Rican construction site, Luna moves to Huntersville

Luna relocated to Huntersville from Puerto Rico as a puppy, after being rescued from a construction site. Though she was initially shy and scared of people, now at age 3, she never meets a stranger. Luna’s owner, Jenna Gonzales, tells her story.

Out of the mountains: My father-in-law is an engineer in Puerto Rico and one day in 2009, he noticed a puppy hiding under a construction trailer where he was working. It was in the isolated mountain town of Adjuntas. After days of coaxing, he finally got two-month-old Luna to come out, despite how scared she was of everyone. He took her to the vet and tried to find a home, but no one would take her.

Brave girl: My husband and I weren’t in the market for another dog – we already have another rescue dog named Moe. But after seeing her cute picture we said we’d take her. After spending two weeks in quarantine at a vet in Puerto Rico, Luna was flown by herself on a direct cargo flight to Atlanta, where we picked her up. She’s never liked crates much after that.

On the job: From the time she got here, Luna has been so calm and loves people and other dogs. I work for a design center in Mooresville and bring her to work with me. She loves being in the office because everyone loves to have her there. Luna also has a lot of “friends” in the neighborhood. We have a fenced backyard but she’s jumped out a few times to go on visits, she’s very social.

Family time: We think Luna is a shepherd-lab mix, and though she has webbed feet, it took several months of her watching Moe swim before she caught on. She’s been a great family dog. Our son is only a month old and she follows me everywhere with him and lays next to him while he’s in the crib. Her nickname is Lu-Lu and we’re so glad we took her. Hilary Trenda


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