Puppies rescued from the street bring love and joy

Mollie Dragstrem of Oakdale has rescued stray dogs for years. She believes if the dog isn’t skittish and is willing come to you, it has likely been socialized and won’t bite. Bear and Cowsee are siblings she found on Sunset Road 11 years ago. She only had to call “Here, puppies” and they ran into her arms. Mollie tells their story.

Running late: My six kids and I were in the minivan on our way to church when I saw two puppies on the shoulder of Sunset Road. Despite my kids’ whines, I turned around and went back for them. They had hidden under a truck but came running when I called. We took them back to the house and still made it to church about halfway through service.

Immaterial size: We named the black one Bear, he looks just like one. The black-and-white was named by my then 3-year-old, who said “Mommy, she looks like a cow, you see. She’s Cowsee.” Both are puffy fur balls that love to be cuddled. They’re mid-sized dogs – Bear weighs 45 pounds, Cowsee weighs 37 – but they believe they’re lap dogs and humans were invented to pet them most of the day.

Sibling harmony: When Bear and Cowsee were puppies they looked alike, but now people are surprised they’re brother and sister, aside from the fact they’re both fluffy and have a curled tail. Bear is always happy and playful. Cowsee is a dainty girl who always wants attention, she’d rather be petted than eat. But both are the most affectionate, loving companions.

Continued blessing: My kids, now grown, are glad that I didn’t listen to their whines. I’m grateful I’ve never seen another dog on Sunset Road and these two didn’t end up another statistic in the dog pound. I’m delighted that God saw fit for our family to find two of the most delightful dogs, who give us joy on a daily basis. Hilary Trenda


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