Birdie was so young when the Palamountain girls found her in a holly tree, she needed to be bottle-fed. Now, a decade later, they’ve grown up together in Matthews and the family describes Birdie as an awesome cat. Their mom, Eileen, tells their story.

Quiet, please: It was a gorgeous day about 10 years ago and we were having lunch on the patio of the clubhouse at our neighborhood golf course with a few other moms and kids. The kids said they could hear mewing but couldn’t find the immediate source. But around the back of the clubhouse they found a tiny black kitten in some holly bushes. She may have been a baby, but she had really sharp claws. The clubhouse manager had to wrap her in a blanket because she kept scratching everyone.

Temporary, maybe: We already had two cats so I didn’t really want to bring the kitten home. We called the shelter but they were already closed for the day, so Birdie began her stay with us. She was so young my husband had to bottle feed her at first, and we she belonged with us. Her name came from the golf term, and if she had been a boy, the name would have been Bogey.

Settling in: When Birdie was a kitten she wasn’t very calm, but she got acclimated and pretty well let the kids do whatever they wanted with her. At night, she’s always in bed with one of the kids, she doesn’t like to sleep alone. When she drinks water, she uses her paw, she scoops it up instead of drinking out of the bowl.

Forever family: Birdie is our only cat now, and our rescue dog, Ruby, would like to play with her. (But Birdie will have none of this.) She loves to sit in the window and look at the birds. It’s ironic, given her name, that she makes twittering noises as she watches them. Ever since the day we rescued her, we’ve all loved our Birdie kitty cat. Hilary Trenda


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