My Incredible Pet: Tiger the cat

They didn’t get off to the best start, but the Davis family had their hearts won over by their adopted cat, Tiger. Over the years, the shelter cat has grown into a beloved family member, keeping watch over them at night in their Mint Hill home. Bob tells Tiger’s story.

What happened ? In February 2006, we took our 10-year-old son to the shelter to choose a cat. After a bit of visiting, we chose a kitty that seemed to mesh with our family. Heading home, we named him Tiger. But in short order we became painfully aware we had chosen 10 pounds of a hissing, spitting, swatting, hateful cat, who was appropriately named.

Social etiquette: Not one to let a feline get the best of me, I made extra effort to pet, love and hold Tiger at every opportunity, letting him know that mean behavior would not be tolerated. With more than a few scratches along the way, I’d regularly put him on my lap, only to have him jump down and run away. After more than 18 months, I knew we’d finally turned a corner when he jumped onto my lap on his own one day.

Mr. Personality: After a lot of love and effort, Tiger has turned into a loving, vocal kitty. He’ll come into my office and lie on the floor beside me, or beckon me into the hall and lead me to his brush or food bowl. He loves to lie in my lap while I read, at which point he’s a pushover for a belly rub, responding with a loud purr. After bed, he gives us several cat scans every night, sleeping at my wife’s feet in between rounds.

Forever home: I had my doubts about Tiger on more than one occasion, but no more. We now have a rather stocky, 17-pound cat, full of vigor and personality. Though his age and arthritis are beginning to catch up with him, he becomes more affectionate every day. I think we’ll keep him. Hilary Trenda



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