Cookie, a Lynx Siamese, came to the Drye family of Concord as a stray. Connie had always wanted a Siamese, but her husband was reluctant, as they already had a cat. But Cookie continued to visit and one day made it through the door with Connie, who tells her story.

Beneficial curiosity: We have no idea where she came from, but one day Cookie started visiting our yard. Our cat, Bootsie, spent a lot of time in the sun room and for weeks, Cookie would walk right up to the door to watch her. Six months earlier I told my husband I wanted a Siamese – they’re such a beautiful breed and are supposed to be very intelligent – but my husband thought one cat at a time was plenty.

Amazingly enough: One night I came home from Bible study and as I walked to the house I heard a “meow” at the end of the drive. It was Cookie, and when I called to her, up the drive she came and the rest is history. My husband was actually the one to name her, he said she was the same buff color as a sugar cookie.

Settling in: We thought Cookie was a kitten, but when we took her to the vet, they told us she was at least a year old but infested with tapeworms. As we gave her medication, every day you could watch her grow. Right before your eyes she went from looking like a kitten to an adult cat.

Forever home: We’ve had Cookie nearly six years and she loves to go exploring, following me around the house and shredding the hassock. She’s very vocal and loves playing with the water in her bowl. I’m blessed to have her, I asked the good Lord to give me a Siamese and it’s gift that she picked me.

Hilary Trenda



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