Toby the dog loves to race geese

Deborah Beck went to the Iredell Humane Society six years ago to visit a dog described as half Jack Russell terrier, half beagle. One look and Deborah knew Toby was neither, but a poster at her vet’s office (and some online research) helped determine Toby is a Treeing Feist. Bred for squirrel hunting, Toby loves to run, chasing and “hunting” anything that moves in their yard in Iron Station. Deborah tells his story.

At first sight: Toby immediately started entertaining us with his antics and adventurous spirit. He’s built like a mini-Greyhound – tall and skinny with long legs. He only weighs 21 pounds and is so affectionate, he jumps on my husband’s lap when he’s in the recliner to get his chin scratched. If my husband stops, Toby will lay his head on my husband’s chest till he resumes.

Mr. Personality: Toby loves everybody and plays with our other two dogs – Penny, a Beagle, and Rascal, a Yorkie/Schnauzer mix – nonstop. He is a burrower, he has to be under the covers in our bed all night long. If Toby has a blanket, he loves to wrap himself up in it.

On the move: When Toby hears the geese from our pond taking off, he goes to one end of the property, waits till they’re right overhead and races them across the yard. He is the most expensive pound puppy on the planet, because it may have just cost $75 to adopt him, but it was more than $1,100 to have an invisible fence installed. He’s fast as lightening.

Love bug: In an attempt to burn some of his energy, Toby took agility training, and we learned he’s not motivated by food, but hugs and affection. He is a real character and we adore him. Of all the dogs I’ve had in my life, he by far is the funniest. Hilary Trenda


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