My Incredible Pet: Abby, a chatty, affectionate Siamese

It was a rainy Seattle day in 2001 when Kathryn Hack received a phone call. Kathryn wanted a young companion for Isaac, her 22-year-old Balinese, and a friend found Abby at the local shelter. Over the past 12 years, Abby has moved from two houses, across the country by plane and car to Charlotte, and blossomed into a wonderful companion. Kathryn tells her story.

Settling in: When I got to the shelter, I found a skinny Siamese with pound flu, her constant sneezing spraying everybody. I fell in love and signed the papers. The vet thought she was about a year old, which I thought would give Isaac some extra life. But it was not love at first sight for him. My gentle Balinese became a monster until rule of law was established.

Growing up: After Issac passed, Abby blossomed into an amazing creature. She handled the moves with calm and grace. Everyone I’ve talked to who has had a Siamese says two things: They’re chatterboxes and very intelligent. Chipper always, Abby meows and chirps in Siamese when she’s hungry, when she wants to play, when she wants me to open a door, when she’s lonely.

Change of heart: Abby loves everyone, and they end up loving her. I did a home exchange with a couple from England, and they were concerned because they had never been around cats, especially the man. But he and Abby bonded to the extent that when the couple returned home to England, they adopted a Siamese.

Sweet-natured: Abby’s never killed a bird or animal. She’ll be out near the bird feeders, and they basically ignore her. She’s never had a hunting instinct. If kindness had a name, it would be Abby. Hilary Trenda



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