I can’t dis Diaz for her (husbandless) healthy habits

I haven’t read depressingly fit actress Cameron Diaz’s new “The Body Book” in its entirety but I like what I’ve read so far. That said, I do think she needs to stop crowing about how she is embracing getting old.

At 41.

Seriously, I wanted to hate this book but I can’t because even when Diaz says something that’s wackadoodle, she is all giggly and bubbly and, best of all, really goes on a long time about how bad her skin used to be. I love that part.

She is so hard on her former self that I don’t even begrudge her seriously recommending kale for breakfast and similar rubbish.

I was trying to figure out why Diaz is so likable when other actresses-turned-author-and-life-coaches who spew the same “body-as-temple” stuff just makes me feel all stabby.

And then it hit me. And I’m not happy with it but, just as Cameron would, I must speak my truth: Cameron Diaz is fit, gorgeous, funny, smart and self-deprecating. But she ain’t got no husband.

I cannot believe I just wrote that out loud.

But, as Cameron will learn someday, when you truly grow older, you just stop caring so much how something sounds.

This also, while I’m being totally honest or “speaking my truth” as is so popular now, explains why women love Jennifer Aniston. Yeah, she was married to Brad Pitt, but we like to think he dumped her for someone more exotic who flies her own jet and we can totally relate to that even if, in our own world, “jet” is more of a “2002 Subaru Outback.” It doesn’t matter if it was a mutual decision. She lost Brad Pitt. So we love her a little. She’s one of us.

It is a tough act to write a book based on how you had to get truly in shape for a role in the “Charlie’s Angels” movie and still manage to be relatable. Did I mention the bad skin?

The only alienating thing in the book is her admission that she is a “savory” person and could basically go the rest of her life without eating anything with sugar in it.

But then I remembered she doesn’t have a husband and everything was OK again. She is, clearly, adorbs.

I know what you’re thinking: So what she doesn’t have a husband? No husband at all is better than a crappy one. And that is absolutely true. Couldn’t agree with that more. But that’s the head talking.

Somewhere down in our irrational hearts we feel just a little sorry for Cameron Diaz, six pack abs and all.

And, yes, that is completely nuts. Because I’m sure she could “have a husband” if she wanted one. Heck, she could probably have mine. Look at her! Bottom line: Until she gets herself a bona fide husband, not just some of that Justin Theroux arm candy like Jennifer Aniston has, I’m all in with Cameron. Hook, line and quinoa.