Proposal sets the stage for Shom and Lauren’s prom

Shom Tiwari planned his proposal to Lauren Walker weeks in advance.

He coordinated with Lauren’s dance studio teacher so he could surprise her during dance class, he made a homemade pendant sign to hang on the dance mirror, and he waited for her, with great anticipation – and flowers.

When Lauren opened the door, she found Shom standing with a bouquet in front of a “Will you have this dance?” sign.

Shom’s “promposal” to the Myers Park High prom was a little something different from invitations of the past. Promposals have become one of the most important moments in the modern prom experience. Dating or not, high school boys put much thought and planning into asking their dates to prom.

One Myers Park student this year hid inside a suitcase to surprise his date at the airport before she flew out. Another student created a video to the song “I Will Walk 500 Miles” and played it on a big screen in front of his Odyssey of the Mind competition. Shom’s friend, Benny Nguyen, made a picnic in Freedom Park for his date to ask her.

The day of prom is no less extravagant than the prom proposal production.

Prom day has become its own theater, with hair and makeup appointments early in the day. As Lauren rushed into Sola Salon to get her hair professionally styled, her mother, Melissa, said, “It feels like it is Lauren’s wedding.”

After hours of curling hair, reapplying lipstick, and putting their dresses and shoes on, Lauren and Moriah greeted their dates downstairs in Lauren’s living room with anticipation and excitement. Then photos and dinner. For this group, dinner was at Brio.

Lauren’s friend, Moriah Kimel, says she and Lauren were exhausted from all of the pre-prom festivities when they finally arrived at Hilton Charlotte Center City.

As Lauren and Shom walked onto the dance floor May 10 at the Hilton into the sea of Myers Park students, the excitement of the day had fallen into their fingertips, which swayed at their sides. With each new song, the momentum of the music’s beat began to revive them.

Lauren’s love for dancing took over as she and Shom threw their hands into the air uninhibitedly singing each song’s lyrics, completing the high school production of prom – their rite of passage.

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