Summer vacation? Hit the road in style

If your summer plans include a road trip – whether it’s to visit grandparents, tour the Grand Canyon or accompany the kids along the amusement park circuit – let your inner road warrior merge with your fashion goddess senses.

Gauzy blouses, loose maxi dresses and this season’s fancy sweats (yup, those two words are co-existing next to each other in a sentence) are coming together for a comfy-chic blend.

So whether you’re out for your girls-only getaway, mancation, couples adventure or family vacation, there’s a perfect formula for packing for a road trip so that you’re both comfy and looking good.

Women get comfy

This summer’s womenswear trends work well for traveling, says style blogger Jaimie Hilfiger. For example, mesh pieces pair well with a nude camisole underneath – or, if you’re more daring, a neon hue.

“This breathable fabric is perfect for venturing out to warm locations,” Hilfiger says. “Florals are also still popular, and there are so many pieces from tops to bottoms that have pretty, feminine patterns. Try a sheer blouse with a floral print, or be daring and choose floral pants. You will be on trend.”

Road trip ensemble: A comfy, loose-fitting pair of slightly ripped jeans that allow movement and a sheer, gauzy blouse with a camisole underneath. She has a jacket in case it’s chilly and a basic pair of flats. Bring sneakers.

Guys rock the socks

Celeb stylist Anthony Henderson says comfort is foremost in his mind when he’s packing. He chooses a size up from his normal fit and says fashion-forward sweatsuits (check out Alexander Wang) with zipper pockets are perfect for traveling.

A travel trick this season for men: multicolor statement socks – which hit right below the knee – with shorts (at It’s a sporty look, and keeps you comfy in an air-conditioned car, so you don’t need to wear heavy fabrics.

Road trip ensemble: Basic bottoms like blue, khaki or white shorts; switches out tops.

How to pack smart

Hilfiger’s strategy: Pack early and separate shoes, jewelry, lingerie, tops and bottoms into separate bags.

Henderson’s packing trick (because who wants to iron while on vacation?): Spray starch your clothes before you pack. When you unpack, shake them out for a wrinkle-free wardrobe.

Instead of packing hats (because they tend to get smashed), Henderson suggests hooded T-shirts, since they’re lightweight.