Summer’s winding down, but white still works

Summer’s on its way out, but you should let your summer whites – especially the skinny jeans, cotton frocks and pale pumps – hang around.

White’s power move to brisk weather makes complete fashion sense at a time when the stylish ignore staid style rules.

No white after Labor Day – which comes at the earliest possible date this year? Yeah, whatever.

Today’s trendsetters are happiest mixing the silky with the furry, the striped with the printed, and the zippered moto with the floral and flowy. No wonder summer whites are itching to break out of their beachfront jail.

“Everybody is wearing whites into fall,” said Liz Rymar, owner and creative director of the brand ellelauri. “It’s yet another way people are able to experiment. We are selling so many textured and tweed items this year, presenting them with the whites we sold in summer months.”

Extending the shelf life of our hotter-than-July wardrobe may also help us cope with this Sept. 1 Labor Day.

So hold on to your bright and creamier whites during the summer-to-fall transition. The summer hue’s favorite cold-weather cousin, ecru – also called winter white – will be on the style scene soon enough.