SC's independent Senate candidate breaks up with girlfriend on Facebook

Independent U.S. Senate candidate Thomas Ravenel announced Sunday on Facebook that he broke up with Kathryn Dennis, his girlfriend and the mother of his infant daughter Kensington.

The breakup came about a week after the Charleston Police Department revealed it was investigating assault allegations against him involving Dennis' friend and stylist, Lauren Moser.

Dennis could have spoken with authorities to clear the air but did not leave the shoot for the reality show, "Southern Charm," Ravenel wrote. The pair had a relationship on the show, and the first season ended with news of the birth of their daughter.

"The temptation of missing film time was a more a important value to her," Ravenel wrote in a Facebook post that was removed later Sunday. "So telling. Our relationship is over."

Dennis replied on Twitter early Monday morning: "I'm doing what's best for my daughter, and presently that is not being with Thomas."

Ravenel said he wants to quit the show in a dispute over shooting video of his campaign, according to published reports.

The former state treasurer is the second Charleston politician announce breakups with girlfriends on Facebook. U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford revealed the end of his engagement to Maria Belen Chapur last month and blamed his ex-wife.

In the assault allegation, Moser said she and Dennis were sitting outside at a Charleston home on Oct. 17 when Ravenel joined them holding his daughter and yelled at Dennis about taking care of the baby, according to the police report. Moser told police that Ravenel then "slipped and fell into the pool with the baby" and handed her to Kathryn. Moser said she followed Ravenel into the house, who closed the door on her twice, striking her knee and arm, the report said.

Ravenel said the allegations were "without merit."

The incident led to the end of Ravenel's relationship with Dennis, according to his Facebook post:

When the allegations surfaced that I had assaulted Kathryn Dennis' hairdresser, I pleaded with Kathryn to leave the Bravo shoot in Jekyll Island. They had even packed her bags and had lined up a driver. She told me she was coming to clear my name but then she backed out at the last second and delayed telling the truth by 1 an 1/2 days. $900k of my campaign money down the drain. The investigators even told me that if she would have come and corroborated the accuser's story I would be cleared. The temptation of missing film time was a more a important value to her. So telling. Our relationship is over.

Ravenel, who was forced out as state treasurer on a cocaine charge in 2007, is trying to unseat Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham.

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