2014’s hot Halloween costumes for Charlotte

Who will come trick-or-treating on Friday? Look for Elsa, flappers and “Walking Dead” zombies. Here’s what’s hot for Halloween 2014 costumes.

Elsa: The popular Disney film “Frozen” has inspired perhaps the most popular costume nationally and in Charlotte, says Greg James, 61, of Morris Costumes on Monroe Road.

“Elsa costumes from Frozen are the No. 1 choice by women and young girls,” said James, who has been in the costume business for more than five decades. He noted the lacy light blue and white dress can be accented with a tiara and either flats or heels.

Women behind bars: Some women are inspired by popular cable TV shows. One fun look finds groups of women teaming up to wear orange prison-style jumpsuits to emulate characters from “Orange is the New Black.”

What women want: Flappers, ninjas and Batgirl and Catwoman are among Party City’s top costumes. James said most women gravitate toward easy, comfortable, fun looks. “The retro ’70s look with bell bottoms, miniskirts and big prints is definitely a trend. … As in years past, Roaring ’20s flappers are popular choices this year as is the pirate look with stylized peasant dresses and head scarves.”

Tastemaker and host of the campy, web talk show “Pillow Talk with Joanne” Joanne Spataro, 28, says she’s attending several themed events this weekend and reports many women are migrating toward costumes based on the movie “Maleficent.”

“Maleficent is a very popular choice among many. The horned hat is tres chic,” said Spataro. “Personally, I love Halloween because I can express myself through fun characters.” Spataro will don the look of legendary mime Marcel Marceau this year.

Men stay traditional: James said top choices for men are in line with past years. “The gangster look with either a double breasted or zoot suit is a very popular choice,” he said. “For those choosing to go with a latex mask, the ‘Walking Dead’ zombie mask is a favorite.”

Other top picks for guys, he said, are vampires, Batman and the Colonial jacketed pirate.

Children: Kids’ costumes are trending to superheroes Batman, Superman and Spider-Man for boys and Elsa, princess and fairy looks for girls.

Pets: Even Fido gets into the fun with dinosaur and shark headgear, said James, who cautioned that dressing your dog, and especially your cat, is at your own peril.

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