Carolina Bride

Bridal Beauty Tips

Brides put themselves through incredible amounts of torture and stress to become supermodels on their wedding day, but you are NOT a supermodel. The person you really are is exactly who your fiancé fell in love with. So pick your head up, put that medieval torture device down, and take some advice from TODAY Show Style Editor Bobbie Thomas.

Upgrade your razor“What blows me away is that 50 percent of women still use disposable razors,” says Bobbie, who recommends Venus Embrace, the first five-blade razor for women. “It’s not just a hair removal tool. It will exfoliate your skin and prep it for the moisturizing process.”

Smooth it outWhether you’re dedicated to self-tanner, or prefer simple nourishing cream, the key to radiant skin in any shade is exfoliation. Exfoliation towels, such as Spa Sister Twin Skin Polishing Towels, are a great way to slough off dry skin cells and increase circulation.

Get your glow the day beforeDo apply self-tanner and bronzer the day before your wedding, but never the day of. The tanner or bronzer will have excess residue that may come off your gown. “You can wash your sheets, but you can’t wash your wedding dress!” Bobbie says. “Make sure you have a whole day to wiggle off the excess. And yes, ladies, a bird bath before slipping on your wedding dress is OK!”

Call in the prosHiring an airbrush specialist to apply self-tanner the day before your wedding is not only a great way to add some color – they can even use contouring techniques to define muscles and make you look more in shape. “Tan and tone at the same time,” Bobbie says. “It’s our secret!”

Shed a tearWater-resistant, high-intensity pigments will have you saying “so long” to shifty shadows and renegade raccoon eyes. “You can tear up with joy and dance the night away without having to worry about your makeup running,” Bobbie says. Try Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes eyeliners.

Take your vitamins and minerals“I am a huge fan of mineral makeup,” says Bobbie. “It’s sweat-proof and it adheres better than others. My personal favorite is gloMinerals, but you can also find great drugstore brands like Cover Girl.”

Fake itOften associated with excess, false eyelashes actually allow you to accentuate your assets without going overboard. “Even though I’m telling you to fake it, false lashes will actually look more natural than clumps of mascara and overdone eye makeup,” Bobbie says. Try Ardell #124, available at local drugstores, and trim each pair to fit the shape and size of your eyes. “Even women who don’t wear makeup will love this look.”

You’re not a scientistDon’t experiment right before the wedding. Within two weeks of the wedding, avoid laser treatments, new facials or anything drastically different from your normal beauty routine. “If you’re doing something out of the norm, the risk for something going wrong greatly increases,” Bobbie says. “Make sure you have enough time to weather the possible blunder.”

The glow from within“The cornerstone of everything is confidence,” says Bobbie. “If you think about your very special day – I mean, the one day you’ve either dreamed about since you were a little girl, or the one you’ve replayed in your head a hundred times – you cannot let anything get in the way of feeling beautiful in your skin … That’s the most important beauty tip I can give you. Walk down the aisle with confidence to the love of your life, and let the glow really come from within.”