Carolina Bride

DIY Design

Everyone likes to have a space they can call their own. Making our house a home was crucial the moment Andrew and I returned from our honeymoon. We quickly found out that staying within our budget and achieving a feeling of gender neutrality in our décor was a difficult but exciting challenge!

Sticking to a budget is tough when you receive daily emails from more expensive stores such as Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware, but I have learned that even if your wallet does not support these costly items, you can gather great ideas from the catalogs. When trends hit the market, you can often purchase these items from more affordable stores like Target, Crate & Barrel and HomeGoods for a fraction of the price. However, try to avoid super-trendy looks regardless of price, because once the style fades, you will be stuck in a cycle of buying and replacing.

To remedy this, choose neutral tones and solid, classic lines for larger pieces of furniture and bed coverings. You can always accent them with trendy colors and patterns through the use of throw pillows, picture frames, lamps and candles. In the long run, these less expensive accent pieces will add flare to your home, but won’t break the bank.

And ladies, please keep in mind the sanity of your husband when it comes to decorating your home. As much as you might love that hot pink coverlet, your husband will not be as enthused. Trust me, I speak from experience. Try to keep your husband’s tastes in mind. This doesn’t mean decorating your home in all black furniture and burning sandalwood incense, but there is a happy medium between masculinity and femininity. When you accept this as well as your budget, your husband will more than likely embrace your decorating decisions.