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She Said Yes! - Christine and Taylor

How we met: (written by Taylor)It was a Sunday morning in late October, and I was with my family in Raleigh. I went to church with them that morning, the church where I had been going my entire life. And that's where we met. When she walked in the room and our eyes met, I knew that I had to find out who she was. She was visiting the church for a second time, and I soon found out that she was an artist, and graduated from college the same time I did. We quickly found out that we had a few other things in common, and then it happened ... One of us brought up birthdays, and we found out that we were born the same year. Nothing all that special. Then we discovered that we were both born in the month of July. Interesting ... Half jokingly, I said, "So were you born on the 16th too?" At first, she looked confused, and then her eyes widened. "Haha, yes I was!" Now that's just crazy! I thought to myself, "She's smart. She's beautiful. She's artistic, and she's funny. Don't let her get away!"

How he proposed: (written by Christine)Taylor and I decided to go to Atlanta during Labor Day weekend, just the two of us. A way to get out of town and spend some QT together. We decided we wanted to see the aquarium, World of Coke and Stone Mountain. After some more research we discovered that there was a lot going on in Atlanta that weekend including a UNC game, Georgia Tech game, NASCAR race and Dragon Con. Yep, we saw a lot of Princess Leias, Storm Troopers and tons of other characters that I didn’t even recognize. It was great people watching, to say the least.On Sunday we drove up to Stone Mountain, which is about 45 minutes outside of Atlanta. We arrived around 10:30 and the weather was absolutely perfect. It was also nice and calm compared to the city. We decided that we wanted to hike to the top. So, we weaved our way up the mountain and looked out over Atlanta. After our descent, Taylor wanted to check out a smaller trail that was off the beaten path. I admittedly was not as thrilled to hike another trail but I sucked it up and we headed onto the meadow trail. Dodging hundreds of grasshoppers, we finally made it to the mountain trail that was quite beautiful and peaceful. We stumbled upon a lookout point and Taylor asked if I wanted to see if we could see anything. He asked me to look over and tell him what I could see, which was a way allow him to get ready. I turned around to see him on his knee confused and wondering if he was tying his shoe, he began to talk about us. He said that he’d found the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. And then uttered the words I will never forget: “Christine Babcock, will you marry me?” (I’m getting a little flustered just writing about it.) This was around the time when the tears started and I threw my arms around him with an ecstatic, YES!It could not have been a more perfect moment. He did such a great job planning and preparing. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with the man of my dreams.

Christine and Taylor will be married on Oct. 8, 2011.

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