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She said Yes! - Stephanie and Shane

Stephanie Moser and Shane Wood

Six months before their engagement, Shane begins planning a surprise vacation for himself and Stephanie – meaning, they board a plane and Stephanie has no idea where she’s headed.As told by Stephanie: Once we get up to the counter to get our tickets, Shane tells me to put my iPod on so I can’t hear the destination. This will be fun! I follow directions and face the other way as he takes care of everything. I start to worry that people think I am rude because I am not paying attention at all to the process. Then, Shane turns around and hands me a ticket to Philly not exactly my idea of a fun destination, but maybe he has something up his sleeve. At the Philadelphia airport, we get off the airplane and stop to have lunch. He hands me a packet of information about Madrid, Spain. WHAT! ARE YOU SERIOUS! This is better than I could have imagined! He totally took me by surprise! I call my mom to tell her. She sounds like she is so excited, she is ready to explode. I feel the same way.In Madrid, Shane has everything set up. We are to have a relaxing day to recover from our flight. The next morning, I am awakened by the hotel’s phone at 5 a.m.: “Wakeup call!” UGH! Why can’t I just sleep in – I am on vacation! I get ready and downstairs to catch our ride anyways. About 20-30 minutes into the ride, I start to realize that we are in an unmarked car heading down windy roads through a neighborhood. Panic set in. “Shane, what is going on? Are we about to get robbed and killed?” I see some worry on Shane’s face. Then about three minutes later, he lights up: “We are going on a paseo de globo.” “A hot-air balloon ride? Awesome!” I say. I am excited!Watching the three hot-air balloons getting prepared for flight, I am in a state of total content. Shane is such a great guy. I can’t believe he set all of this up! This was such a great idea ... I am so lucky and I love sharing this time with him. Our balloon is ready. “This balloon fits 8 people? No way!” I say. Well, it sure does. Time for takeoff! What an amazing experience. It is one thing to tour a city, but something entirely different to see it from a hot-air balloon. I ask Shane to get the guy behind him to take our picture.Shane hands the camera over to the man standing behind him. I get ready to smile and pose, but he starts reaching into his pocket. Oh my God. What is happening right now? Shane then says to me, “Will you spend the.” “YES!!!!!” I can’t even let him finish. He puts the ring on my finger and we are totally in the moment flying high above Segovia, Spain. I spend the rest of the time in complete shock/love/excitement. I can’t believe we are engaged! I can’t believe Shane planned this whole thing. I love him so much! Even in my wildest dreams I never thought anything like this would ever happen to me. I am so lucky!Stephanie and Shane will be married on Oct. 29, 2011.

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