Carolina Bride

She said yes! - Allison & Westley

Photography by Authentic Exposure

As told by Allison:We met on a blind date! I worked with Westley’s sister who kept telling me I needed to meet her brother because she thought we would hit it off. That was in April. In August, I received this cute, pleading voicemail asking me if I would help him get out of hot water with his sister as she had been bugging him to call me for months. I thought his message was funny and though, “Why not?” We met for dinner and hit it off straight away, laughing and talking. At the end of the dinner we agreed we should see each other again.A year later, Westley planned a trip to the Grove Park Inn to celebrate the anniversary of the day we met. We had a wonderful, relaxing day except for the fact Westley appeared a little preoccupied, like something was on his mind. We had a great dinner, but when we went to order dessert he insisted we get it to-go. I was totally clueless as to what was going on but happy to go along with the planned celebration. Westley grabbed the dessert and ushered me out by literally pulling me through the inn – a man on a mission! I was trying to slow him down but he was determined. Unbeknownst to me, he had arranged candles near the waterfall at the spa and made the area private to no one but us. All of a sudden he told me to look at something in the distance. When I turned back around he was on one knee, and that’s when he asked to marry me!

Allison Land and Westley Drum will be married on June 16, 2012

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