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Full Speed Ahead

“You know, it was very professional. We weren’t looking for a date or anything,” says Hannah Taich; she claims it was strictly business the first time she laid eyes on Bryan Cook. Bryan was a speaker at Charlotte Fellows, a Christian leadership program for recent college graduates, and Hannah a participant. After a month of dating, however, both knew that this was it. They decided to wait on an engagement. So Hannah, an outdoors enthusiast, and Bryan, an artist with a passion for NASCAR, spent six months getting to know each other. “For me,” Bryan says, speaking of what had first attracted him to his wife, “it was her sense of humor and her intelligence and well-roundedness. ” Hannah, in turn, admired how earnest Bryan was in his Christian faith. “He didn’t just do it because it was something to do. He lived it.”In July of 2012, Bryan decided they had waited long enough. On their way to dinner, Bryan made a detour at his workplace, Joe Gibb’s Racing, apologizing, but saying he had forgotten something he needed to do at work. He coaxed Hannah out of the car, where, to her shock, sat a racecar with the words “Hannah, will you marry me?” spelled out on its hood. Hannah clapped her hands over her mouth and started crying.When the couple tied the knot in December, they did so with two titanium rings made out of recycled car parts. They celebrated their special day in Bryan’s church, a converted warehouse bursting with colorful local artwork. Hannah laughs remembering the day, “Our friends and family had to stay after the wedding to clean up because church was the next morning!”

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Stick Boy Bread Co., cake

Laura Walker, flowers

Townshop Bridal, gown and headpiece

David's Bridal, bridesmaids' dresses

Men's Warehoues, tuxedos

Blue Nile, engagement ring

Carmen!Carmen! Salon e' Spa, hair

DJ Breez, music/entertainment

Warehouse 242, ceremony and reception location

Thomas Rentals, rental provider

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