Carolina Bride

She said yes! La'Trecia & Wesley

La’Trecia Caldwell & Wesley Glover

Lindsey Lee Photography

I planned to propose to La’Trecia on the beach near Charleston. I was going to put a note in a bottle with the message saying, “I love you,” and we would find the bottle during a late night walk on the beach. At that point, I would propose. After dinner at a local restaurant near the beach, I recommended the stroll on the beach to walk off our late-night dinner. Up to this point, I wasn’t really nervous. But during the walk to the beach, I suddenly got really nervous. I was preparing myself to propose, and suddenly, boom. It started raining. This was a major problem as La’Trecia ran for cover so her hair wouldn’t get wet. I didn’t want the rain to ruin the plan, so I yelled for her to come back to the beach. It was a quick argument to get her to come back, but once she returned I pointed out the bottle buried in the sand and opened it and read it. She started to smile, and I proposed. This was one time she was definitely speechless! La’Trecia and Wesley will be married August 31, 2013.