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Soiree on the Shore

Christine Noel and Nick Madrick’s relationship—from initial meeting to proposal to marriage—can be summed up with a single phrase: fairy tale. The two met while playing on the same intramural volleyball team at Hope College in Michigan, and their relationship blossomed when, by chance, they studied abroad together in Ireland the following summer.

“We were crazy about each other,” says Christine, “but we didn’t want to rush into marriage.” And they didn’t; they dated for seven years before he proposed, and when he did, he did so with cinematic gusto.

At the time, they were both living in Grand Rapids, Mich. Christine’s move to Charlotte was just two weeks away as she had recently accepted a job as the new female host of “Fox News Rising” at WCCB Charlotte, and her family in St. Joe, Mich., was hosting a goodbye dinner in her honor. “I had a speaking engagement that afternoon at my alma mater,” says Christine, “and Nick was supposed to meet me there so we could drive to my parents’ house. I waited nearly two hours for him before he called to let me know he wouldn’t be able to meet me. I was so annoyed.”

What Christine didn’t know was that Nick was stalling for time as he set up a red carpet, sprinkled with rose petals and lined with tiki torches, leading to the dune at the edge of the Lake Michigan bluff which her parents’ house overlooked.

“When I pulled up to my house, the front door was locked, which was weird. Then I saw a note from Nick telling me to follow the rose petals. I followed them until I saw him and the red carpet. That’s when I knew he was proposing,” says Christine.

After slipping the ring on her finger, the two heard cheers from both of their families on the balcony of Christine’s parents’ house behind them. “It was such a special moment,” says Christine, “and Nick’s brother got it all on film!”

Once she moved to Charlotte and got settled in at WCCB, Christine began the wedding planning process. Armed with Pinterest and a supportive family, Christine was able to execute the wedding of her dreams.

Christine and Nick exchanged vows they wrote themselves at St. John Catholic Church in Benton Harbor, Mich., followed by a reception at her parents’ home, on the same dune at which Nick had proposed.

“Our reception was nothing short of magical,” says Christine. “The dune where we held the reception was so special to me—it’s where I would play, sit, and think as a child. We had to jump through several hoops to have the reception there, but we made it happen.”

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