Carolina Bride

She Said Yes! Sarah & Christopher

Sarah Speakman & Christopher Creekmuir

Old South Studios

It was almost winter in Colonial Williamsburg, with just enough chill in the air and color left on the trees to make you look around in wonder. Of course, I was determined to squeeze in a few minutes for a little Christmas shopping in the colonial stores (unbeknownst to me, almost ruining Chris’s plan in the process!). He hurried me along, and as we left the shops we walked hand-in-hand through the quant historic area toward William & Mary’s campus. Chris was telling me stories about the history of the campus, and stopping short at the edge of a trail, he pointed out a beautiful bridge hidden behind the trees. That bridge, the Crim Dell, is well known for its spotlight in many campus legends. “I’ve been told that if you get engaged here, you’ll be together forever; your marriage will never fail,” he said. As he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring, he said, “Of course, we’ll be together forever but a little luck never hurt.” After a minute of shock, he (finally!) asked, “Will you marry me?” And of course, through the tears welling in my eyes, I squealed, “Yes!”

-As told by Sarah

Sarah and Christopher will be married April 12, 2014.