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Finding Inspiration

Stitched Panorama
Stitched Panorama

“This is your day, so the cake is what speaks to you and represents your love story. Did he propose on the beach? Are you pop art or country music lovers? Are you both football fanatics? All of these can be starting points for cake design.”-Dominica Clementi, Nona’s Sweets Bakery Café

PRO TIP “When deciding on a venue, choose one that best reflects your relationship. Are you a laid-back, no fuss couple? Try a rustic venue with a casual feel. Classic and contemporary? Uptown ballroom. Adventurous hikers? An countryside location under the stars might be key.”-Brandy Childs, The Arbors Events

“We love bridal gown inspiration on a wedding cake. Not a literal copy, but pulling elements from the gown can make for a lovely cake. Recently, we had a bride with gorgeous ruffle rosettes on the bottom of the gown with sequins, pearls, and lace on the bodice. We replicated that on the cake along with handmade edible sequins.”-Ines Aranguren, Sky’s the Limit! Bridal Sweets

“If you are getting married in a museum or outdoor venue, find out what exhibits or flowers are going to be on display during your wedding month. You might come up with some fun, creative ways to incorporate that into your wedding design.”-Gail Allen, Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

“For our wedding, since we both have Irish and Scottish roots, we had a bagpiper on the hill as our guests came around the bend to the reception site. For our favors, we gave out tartan-lined baskets filled with local mountain honey and jam.”-Christi Falls, Christi Falls Photography

“I had a bride that loved Chihuly art. When designing her wedding at the Mint Museum, which had an amazing piece in the museum as well, we made each ‘table number’ different pieces of art. She also had an amazing cake that had blown sugar that was Chihuly inspired. I love it when a bride can incorporate her favorite things, and her guests totally got it!”-Heidi Crowder, Carolina Weddings & Events

“We incorporated my favorite movie, ‘The Sound of Music,’ many different ways. On the tables at the reception there were ‘brown paper packages tied up with string,’ and they had little yellow stamps on them that said ‘these are a few of our favorite things.’ And last, but not least, my dad and I danced to ‘Edelweiss’ (which made both of us and everyone at the reception cry like babies!).”-Kristi Kosatschenko Bratton, Charlotte bride