Carolina Bride

Eye Candy

What would a family in your wedding three generations ago have looked like? Incorporate a décor element, food item, or other tradition to honor your roots. -CB

We used different china place settings on every table that we borrowed from close friends and family!”-Michelle Murchison, Charlotte bride

“If you are having your wedding at a vineyard or winery, or are just incorporating a wine theme into your wedding, it is a lot of fun to find new and interesting ways to utilize corks. We had a bride who drilled a small hole into the top of a cork and had succulents tucked into it so they looked like they were coming out of the corks. She even used them as boutonnieres!”-Lauren Dennis Hutchins, Dennis Vineyards

“If there are items that are significant to the bride and groom, consider adding them as décor elements to your cocktail hour and/or reception for a personal touch. For example, we had a bride that rode horses and was very involved with a family horse farm. The planner used one of their real horse saddles with florals around it as the centerpiece on the escort card table.”-Alli Hall, The Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge

“Linen choices can be something much more than just table décor! I’ve had brides take patterns from their tablecloths and incorporate them on stationery, cakes, and even their wedding day ‘monogram.’”-Sara Shelor, Party Reflections

“We recently had a couple who had a true Southern wedding and for their escort cards, they had personalized mason jar glasses with handmade bird tags attached with the guests’ names and table numbers. Guests picked them up on their way into cocktail hour and they served as their drinking glasses for sweet tea and lemonade!”-Nancy Mazzucco-Usuff, I Do Wedding Consulting