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Time to Feast

Two glasses of wine
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“Brides should incorporate their heritage in the menu of the day. If the bride is from New Mexico and the groom is from Carolina they could have, for example, Tex-Mex and Carolina barbecue at two different stations.”-Bethe Rogers, Poffie Girls

“Food should be a reflection of the bride and groom’s personality. We had one bride that gave her guest a tiny shot glass of tomato soup with a grilled cheese crostini. We also had a couple do a s’mores station outside with a vintage chalkboard sign showing how to make different varieties. Ultimate s’mores with a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup was the favorite.”-Lisa Walsh, The Magnolia Room

“Get creative with reception stations by using a couple’s favorite foods, with amusing and resourceful props and delectable food. This I {Heart} Bacon station uses unique props like wine barrels, a farm door, country curtains, and a Sanderling famous pig portrait, with assortments of everyone’s favorite food: bacon!”-Wendy Murray, The Sanderling

“I had a couple that really wanted a formal looking wedding with a fun, easygoing reception. They had the caterer keep the food out all night so that the guests could come and go as they pleased. Everyone had a seat but didn’t have to do the traditional Southern, sit and eat at one time.”-Heidi Crowder, Carolina Weddings & Events

“We had a wedding on New Year’s Eve in Asheville, and everybody gets a little hungry after midnight. Furthermore, the father of the bride was a huge fan of Bojangles’ biscuits. So, we played a siren sound effect and said, ‘In honor of the father of the bride, it's Bo Time!’ Then boxes and boxes of Bojangles’ biscuits were brought into the room and the crowd loved it!”-Drew Parham, Audio To Go

“Food does not have to be a gourmet meal. I have friend planning a wedding that is serving Chicago-style pizza and craft beer for the meal.”-Lorie Deatherage, Party Blooms

“Everyone expects a specialty drink during the cocktail hour, but why not present a dessert cocktail as a surprise during dancing? Favorite liquors, ice cream drinks, coffee cocktails would all be remembered!”-Todd Murphy, Todd Murphy Events

PRO TIP “For plated dinners, consider a duet plate with two, smaller portioned protein options. This will save you the trouble of taking and organizing orders on your RSVP cards and will ensure that all of your guests have the correct meal.”-Morgan Martyn, NorthStone Country Club

“A couple of ideas that we have done to personalize a bride and groom's special day is to put together ‘his and hers’ stations. For instance, if the bride and groom had a first date that was memorable because of the meal they had eaten, we will try to incorporate that into their menu and potentially put together signage to explain the significance of the food stations.“-Donald Shives, Best Impressions Catering

“Another option when a client is doing a plated meal is to brand the filet with the bride and groom's initials into the steak. When the plate is served, the guests are greeted with the bride and groom’s initials.”-Donald Shives, Best Impressions Catering

"I recently had a bride who had a pie table next to her cake. She had all of the women in her life bake the pie that they were known for--it was such a sweet way to involve everyone's food traditions and a unique option for dessert." - Erin Ashley, Erin Ashley Makeup

"Another great way to personalize a cake is to have vows written on the cake, especially if they have composed them personally." - Ines Aranguren, Sky's the Limit Bridal Sweets

Cheers to that! Select wines from the year you met, the year you were born (for a special vintage), or any other significant year you wish to highlight. -CB