Carolina Bride

Leather Luxury

I've always thought that I was pretty creative, that is until hubby and I started giving each other traditional anniversary gifts. I like how it challenges us to fit our interests into designated materials, like paper and cotton. However, this year it's leather, and while you would think that would be an easy one, finding something for my nontraditional hubby is quite a challenge. When everything in his world revolves around video games, how can I find something in leather that he will absolutely love? So in my quest to be creative, I started searching a month early. While I couldn't link every gift idea to his gaming hobby, I was able to find some great choices for our anniversary. Looking for a little inspiration yourself? Here are some of my top suggestions. 1. Wallet Be sure to check out the above wallet from Things Remembered, which includes space for a personalized message from you. If you want to add a little something extra on the day, include tickets to a movie he wants to see or a receipt for a pre-ordered video game. 2. Leather photo book I'm a big fan of photo books and what better way to showcase three happy years than with pictures? I highly recommend Shutterfly's premium leather cover photo books, which offer stylish and protective covers for your treasured pictures. From retelling the story of your wedding day or showcasing three years of adventures, the options for reliving your memories are endless. 3. Tablet case When my hubby isn't gaming on his Xbox, he's playing "Candy Crush" and "Angry Birds" on his iPad. Since I love customizing gifts, I was drawn to this personalized design by PicasoLab. I like how the owner’s name is embossed on the front and I know that Robert would dig this black and red colour combo. 4. CD case If your hubby plays games as often as mine does, a leather CD case would be great for storing his game discs. Gaming aside, this is a perfect gift for an avid music lover. To make the gift more personal, consider adding a new game or a custom CD in the first sleeve. 5. Watch Practical and stylish, a watch is something your hubby can keep with him every day. I love the elegant design of the Bulova watch from Things Remembered, which hubby can wear to the office and out to dinner. Plus, adding an engraving, like the store suggested “I love you every second,” makes for a simple and sweet finishing touch.

Images: Watch and Wallet, Photo Book, iPad Case