Carolina Bride

Showered with Love

Showers are an exciting part of wedding planning. Thankfully, planning the perfect wedding shower is made even easier by tools such as Pinterest. It’s fun to customize the shower theme to the couple’s personalities or needs for their post-wedding life. Here are a few great ideas we’ve come across:

Kentucky Derby: picture big hats and sundresses. Serve mint juleps and sweet tea to drink, and pork barbeque, biscuits and mini pecan pies to eat. For gift ideas, think outside and/or kitchen items: grilling utensils, a picnic basket, corn hole boards, cocktail glasses, or a pair of rocking chairs.

Stock the Bar: if you’re looking for a way to incorporate the bride and the groom, this is it. Guests should bring a bottle of liquor or wine for the happy couple. This is a great opportunity to have your normal party food but with a bit of flare, even better if you can serve their favorite meals in finger-food form.

Blushing bride: great idea for the dainty, pink-loving bride and the perfect afternoon shower for drinks and dessert. Blush wine and pink punch served along side pink cake or cupcakes. Shower the bride with gifts for her.

Tailgating shower: since every couple has their favorite team(s), this is an excellent shower to help them stock up on their school’s gear. Serve tailgating food, alongside beer or their choice beverage. Gift ideas include: tailgating chairs, a mini grill, a cooler, tailgating supplies, tickets to a game (post-wedding) or jerseys with their new last name on the back.

No matter what theme you pick, you want the day to be all about the bride (or the couple). A few things to remember: don’t invite anyone to the shower who isn’t invited to the wedding, designate someone to keep track of gifts and who they are from, and make sure to tell guests where the couple is registered when sending out invitations. The key to a successful shower is not the decorations, the food or the drinks (although they help!), it’s making sure the couple has a day to remember shared with people who love them, support them and will share in their happiness.