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Story Time: Diamond Diaries

On our three-year anniversary, I was sure my now-husband was going to propose. He told me not to make any plans for that day and woke me up early with breakfast, and then told me to get ready to go hiking. We hiked six miles at Crowder’s Mountain, but there was not a sparkly surprise at the top as I had expected. I then figured that he was waiting until dinner at The Fig Tree. Conveniently, I had my nails done the day before. Dinner was incredible and I must say that he was beyond sweet all day long, but alas, there was still no proposal. My friends were texting and asking if I had any news when he suggested we go for a walk in the park across the street. Finally, I knew that the park was going to be THE PLACE for him to get on one knee and ask for my hand. Unfortunately, he was just stuffed and wanted to let his food settle a little before we headed back home. He had no idea what I was anticipating and was pleased with the spectacular day that we had together. A few months later he managed to surprise me (which was apparently the plan all along), and I wasn’t dressed fancy, we weren’t walking on a beach and my nails weren’t done. But our proposal story was perfect for us, and outside of wanting to know what the ring looks like, that’s the first question most people will ask: “how did he do it?” Wilmington husband and wife team, Ashley and Cameron have created Diamond Diaries for this occasion. It’s an online engagement story platform and gathering place for brides-to-be, hopeful girlfriends, gentlemen who need ideas for their own proposal, or hopeless romantics to read proposal stories and see photos. Once you register for the site, you can read and vote for your favorite stories and rings. You can also share your own story for family and friends (and the world) to see, showcasing how creative, sweet or fun your future husband made your proposal. Once you share your story on the site, you can link to it from your favorite social media platforms to share with family and friends – or if you want to surprise them, email them a link to the story with no clues! Remember to tell those closest to you in person or on the phone before leaking the news on social media or Diamond Diaries. It’s a happy time and you don’t want to hurt your favorite Aunt Sue’s feelings when she finds out with the rest of the world!Feeling lovey today? Hop over to Diamond Diaries and take a gander at the stories they have collected and the stunning array of rings that now rest on a lucky girl’s left hand.