Carolina Bride

She Said Yes! Lauren & Patrick

Lauren Warstler and Patrick AllenPixles on Paper Photography

It was Super Bowl Sunday and we had just gotten back from a weekend in the North Carolina Mountains with all of our friends. We went to my parent’s house for a Super Bowl party with my 4-year-old daughter Kayleigh and grandmother, GiGi. Right before the game started I was sitting on the couch when my dad walked in and sat down, which was kind of out of the ordinary because he watches every big game in his “man cave.” My mom came and sat with us, and two minutes later Kayleigh (who shares my love of pizza) asked if she could have some. Patrick called from the kitchen, “I got it!” and when Kayleigh returned from the kitchen, she put the pizza box right in my lap. She stood there smiling at me while I looked at her like she was crazy for the box in my lap. When I got up to get a plate, it was really light and Kayleigh said, “Mommy open it!” She opened it for me, and inside the lid Patrick had written “Will you marry me, check yes or no.” I looked down and saw a little black box, and he was standing there smiling. I opened it and there was a toy ring that was my daughter’s! All of the sudden, he got down on one knee and said, “No, it’s not a joke,” and pulled out my GiGi’s ring which my Pawpaw had given her when she was 18.—As told by LaurenLauren and Patrick will be married June 28, 2014.