Carolina Bride

She Said Yes! Kimberly & Trey

Kimberly Wilson & Trey Huntley

Rachel Fesko Photography

“I was in awe. I couldn’t believe it. The Lord had provided for us in such an amazing way. I had tears in my eyes and was trying to comprehend the whole thing” –Kimberly

Trey and I began dating in June of 2012. I had recently graduated from college and had a job teaching dance and performing with a local dance company out of Durham, NC. Trey had one semester left of school and began praying about what was next. With a clear word from God, Trey found himself stepping out in complete faith to travel to New York City. He had a one-way bus ticket and $50. From December of 2012 until August of 2013 Trey traveled to New York City, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and back again. In this time he saw the brokenness of the cities throughout the United States and it stirred in him a passion to see healing through the love of Christ.Trey made his intentions of marriage clear in February 2013, but at this point we did not know exactly when we would be getting married. Nor did we know when he would be returning home. He received a temporary job in New Orleans that paid well and allowed him to begin saving for an engagement ring. Upon putting aside nearly half the funds for a ring, he decided instead to give the money to me for a mission trip to Uganda. By this time, his temporary position was coming to an end and he found his “ring savings” back at $0. Living his life day by day, Trey did not have the means of saving up for an engagement ring, but he prayed and trusted that God would provide. Six months later, I received a call from Trey saying he was coming home and wanted to know if we could plan a wedding by November 2013. I was all for it! We announced our engagement and started planning. A fairytale engagement with a beautiful ring had never really been important to me, so I wasn’t concerned that I did not have a ring or a romantic story to tell. Together we made a decision and a commitment to each other. For my engagement ring, I began wearing an opal ring left by my beloved grandmother.Trey arrived home the following week and we headed to the beach with his family to celebrate his return after nearly eight months of traveling. We all went out to dinner and then headed out to the local fair. As we walked around, I jumped onto a ledge and began balancing on the edge. Trey grabbed my hand, looked at me and said, “It’s time to make this official don’t you think?” I giggled and jumped off the ledge. Trey removed my opal ring and got down on one knee. He looked at me and said, “Kimberly, I love you and I want to spend my life with you. Knowing that our life will not be ordinary, do you believe that the Lord will provide for us always?” I smiled and nodded yes. With excitement and nervousness in his voice and a glowing smile he asked, “Will you marry me?” Of course my response was, “Yes!” I looked down at my hand as he slipped on a ring. I was expecting to see my opal and quickly noticed a beautiful diamond reflecting in the light. I fell to my knees and could not believe my eyes. At this point, Trey and I were face to face on the ground. I was in complete awe with my mouth wide open; I knew that Trey had no way of affording a ring. Completely puzzled, I started talking in broken sentences, “Wherehow did you?” He told me that he had prayed for nearly a year for a ring, but had told no one. He knew that once he had a ring it would be time to come home. I was in no way prepared for what he was going to say next. At the beginning of that month, Trey was out at a local park in Las Vegas where he had spent most of his time during his summer there. An acquaintance, Andrew, was at the park with him where they often fed and ministered to the homeless. Andrew knew that Trey had a woman in his life that he planned to marry, but did not know much else. He came up to Trey and said, “Hey man, I have a weird question. Have you been praying for an engagement ring?” Trey was astonished. He explained to Andrew that he had been praying for a ring for nearly a year. Andrew had recently received a diamond ring from a family member and being a newlywed, he already had a ring for his wife and had no use for the one he received. Andrew began praying about what to do with the ring and God put it on his heart to give it to Trey, without knowing that Trey needed one or that he had been praying for one. I couldn’t believe it. The Lord had provided for us in such an amazing way. I had tears in my eyes and was trying to comprehend the whole thing. To this day I still can’t wrap my head around it. God had really provided an engagement ring... something I did not need, but God wanted me to have it anyways. Not only had I been swept away by Trey’s love and commitment, but I was overwhelmed by the love of my Heavenly Father. The night is one I will never forget.

Kimberly and Trey were married November 23, 2013.