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Trend Forecast: Cake Couture

Casey Hendrickson Photography

A new spring brings new wedding trends, and we can’t wait to see fresh colors, patterns, and silhouettes gracing the Carolina aisles. Luckily, expert insight from Ines Aranguren of Sky’s the Limit Bridal Sweets helps us predict the prettiness to come.—CW

What design styles will continue to be popular in 2015?

I would say that detail work such as sequins and hand painting will continue because those methods add visual interest and texture to the wedding cake. We still have many brides in love with the recent trends of ruffles, swirl textures, as well as the classic piped scrolls and Swiss dot patterns—oh, and quilting! It always remains a tried and true pattern.Metallic and pearl finishes are definite trends that the brides still love. We airbrush a lot and brides love the finish we get for them with that method. A satiny pearl or gold finish can add a major wow component to the cake reveal!

The naked cake appeared on the scene in a big way in 2014; what’s new this season?

The latest trend is suddenly the chalkboard cake! It's not all over the mainstream yet, but it is spot-on with the love of chalkboard graphics on invitations, wedding signs, and table number displays. It's in keeping with the branch of weddings that is all things vintage and rustic, but an updated rustic. In fact, we just created a chalkboard inspired cake, but decided to change the base color to a very deep taupe to be in keeping with the overall color scheme of greys, tans, deep burgundy, and warm whites with lots of greens. With a little imagination, the chalkboard look can be applied to lighter palettes for a romantic tone.

Top it off! What’s popular for toppers in 2015?

What's your favorite wedding color palette going into 2015?

Photos by Erin Kranz Photography and Casey Hendrickson Photography.